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Albendazole Ivermectin Powder
2015-12-2 11:18:18


 Albendazole Ivermectin Powder

Main components: Albendazole、Ivermectin

Indications: Used to expel or kill pig nematodes, fluke, tapeworm, mites and other external parasite.

Side effects: According to the recommended dose to use, no adverse reactions.

Note: Ivermectin in this product are highly toxic to fish、shrimp, residues、packaging、animal waste don’t pollute the water.

Dosage and Administration: This product. Oral: each 10kg body weight, Pig 0.7-1g for once.

Withdrawal time: Pig 28 days.

Specification: 100g: albendaozle 10g+ Ivermectin 0.2g

Package: 100g/bag

Storage: shading and closeness are preserved

       Period of Valid: 2 years.


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