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Povidone iodine Solution
2015-12-2 11:18:50

Main Ingredient : Povidone Iodine 10%

Characteristic :This product is red-brown liquid.

Pharmacological Action: This product is a high-efficiency and harmfulless broad-spectrum disinfectant and antiseptic. It have a powerful role in killing bacteria, virus and fungi, it through release free iodine continuously, destruction mycoprotein of bacteria, make bacteria, virus and other microorganisms inactive, performance stable, efficacy permanent, it will form strong bactericidal membrane on the surface, so that the potency could lasting and control second infection.

Application Scope:This product is widely used with the presence of the livestock and

poultry, spray to disinfect livestock, sterilize and desinsection of flower & plants, poultrys living environment and appliances periodic, the water hardness, organic matter and PH will not affect the disinfection effect, it have no irritant and allergy on human body, and it have no residue, no drug-resistance. It also can be used in disinfection of livestock and poultrys surgical part (skin mucous membrane, birth canal, etc), surgical instruments and hatching egg, and aquaculture. Especially for Aftosa virus, Newcastle Disease virus, Influenza virus, PCV, Eperythrozoon, Haemophilus parasuis, Streptococcus and Qilva disease, Gill-rot disease, Shrimp red body disease of aquiculture.

Approach of Usage:This product is unfavorable use directly, after add water dilute can be used. Dilution proportion see the table as follows:

Disinfection Object

Dilution Ratio Stock solution(kg): Water(kg)

Usage Method

Flower & Plants

sterilize and desinsection

1: 5000

Calculate the quantity of by pool water volume,then put it into averagely

Living environment and appliances disinfection

(with Livestock and poultry present )

1: 1000-2000

Calculate the quantity of by pool water volume,then put it into averagely

Young Livestock and Poultry

(Livestock and poultry present)

1: 2000


Hatching egg

1: 2000

Immerse, Cleanse

Drinking disinfection

(Enteric Infection Area)

1: 6000-8000

Drinking directly

Dams breast disinfection and metroclyster

1: 1000

Scrub, Lavage

Drinking implement and dinnerware disinfection

1: 2000

Immerse for 10minutes

Surgical operating instrument and surgical part disinfection

1: 6000-8000

Scrub, Immerse

wound surface disinfection and

skin disinfection before injection

1: 500





Fish eggs disinfection

1: 500     Immerse for 10minutes

Shrimp pond disinfection

1: 1500-2250/hectares×metre   Dilute evenly

Shrimp fry disinfection

1: 450-850/hectares×metre     Dilute evenly

Eel pond disinfection

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