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Diclazuril Solution
2015-12-2 11:31:43


Common name : Diclazuril Solution

Main ingredient: DiclazurilC17H9Cl3N4O2

CharacterThis product is almost colorless or light yellow clear solution.

Indications: It is used for the prevention of poultry Coccidiosis.

Usage and dosage:Calculated by diclazuril,mixed drinking,add 0.5~1 mg this product to 1 liter water for chicken.

Calculated by this product,mixed drinking,add 0.1ml~0.2ml this product to 1 liter water for chicken.

Untoward effect:No


(1)Mixture stationary term is 4 hours,so it must be dispensed when using,otherwise it will influnence the effect.

(2) Short drug action term, stop drug application 1 day,anticoccidial effect attenuates apparently, 2 days the effect almost lose,so this product must be continuously used incase the cocsidiosis burst out again.

(3)Forbidden for laying period to avoid drug residues in eggs

Withdrawal time:Chicken 5 days


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