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Leader Group High-end Learning Summit
2015-12-25 12:48:54

As the time goes on,in a cantabile andante,Leader accompanied with you have passed ten years.

In the course of a decade,Leader Group insist to “ the culture of winning’s the development concept”,to model our own service team in the continuously learn and progress. Recruit talents  to improve product research ability,deal with the different demand of develop under the new situation.

Within ten years,Leader persons with “Grateful heart,Altruistic heart,Ethical headrt” ,to reflect the profound meaning and value by our action.Every birthday,every year,we will be to support our customers sustainable development as the goal as always,and celebrate the birthday by providing the way of learning.

Today we get together in Beijing Loong Palace Hotel & Resort,to take part in Leader Group High-end Learning Summit.We have invited Tsinghua Beijing university coach tutor and Professor of China agricultural university,to process two days and two nights "experiential management courses,course content involve:operating management,household management,Marriage management,children management,risk management,Funds management,natural law,humanity, Bussiness and other subjects.

Let us look forward to you open a brand new career journey










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