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The Treatment of Ankara Disease
2015-12-29 15:58:44


Ankara disease caused by ankara virus,  is a kind of communicable disease spread by adenovirus. It was discovered in Ankara area near by karachi, Pakistan firstly, so got the name. In the early of Ankara disease mainly occurs in poultry disease and infection, causing enormous economic losses. In recent one or two years, layers infect the disease and caused death of different levels in Jiangsu, Hubei and northern area of China. It bring huge economic losses for farmers.

The clinical feature of this disease is as follow: Poor spirit, recumbent, feathers loose disorderly, loss of appetite, with different levels of death.

The epidemic and incidence are not obvious seasonal,  4 weeks of chicken groups are worst affected, caused serious death, and will into the peak of death in 5-6 weeks. Mortality rates is 70%-80%, the deate rate will go down after 7 weeks.

Normall in the death interval of 20%-80%.


symptom and necropsy:  Liver swelling, hyperemia and congestion after death, liver brittle, darken in color, Can see the necrotic patches in the surface. Kidney is pallor or dark yellow color, kidney swelling slightly, ureters were excess urates. myocardium no elastic, hydropericardium has a light yellow transparency liquid. Yong chicken died of a heart failure.

Recommended treatment:

1. Xinbao Kang +3% glucose + lincomycin hydrochloride soluble powder, for drinking separately

2. If the disease include flu, IB, bursa of fabricius: Xinbao Kang + Doxycycline Hyclate soluble powder + Ganshen Kang

3. Egg drop of layer : Xinbao Kang +  pefloxacin mesylate powder + Vitamin AD3E

Marketing case:  One of the farmer in Heze City, Shandong Province, 17 days of broilers,  when disease,  no death, no symptom. Suddenly there are death, poor spirit and don’t feed.

The anatomy of symptoms: There are so much of yellow liquid  in pericardium, Myocardial inelastic, liver is yellow and becoming brittle, oncosis in surface and Kidney pale swelling.

Treatment: Xinbaokang + Ganshen Kang,  For the xinbaokang, each bag of this product should be mixed with 100kg of drinking water in the first 3 days andduoshao .


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