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Prevention and cure Duck tongue disease
2015-12-30 16:20:08

Duck tongue disease is greatly influence on duck breeding a disease in a recent years.More than the shorter beak,duck tongue protrudes from beak can't recover,and the transmission range widely, caused huge economic losses to around the farms.

clinical symptoms:Ill duck is general having a disease at about 15to 20 days of age.After the onset of mental withering, action disorders, sometimes can't lies down or back,at the same time accompanied by diarrhea.Shorter beak up and down,tongue muscle stiffness is prominent in beak,Front end bending cannot take oral.It will affect disease duck feed intake, growth rate dropped significantly, duck was thinner than before, much smaller than normal ducks.

variation of anatomy:Ill duck eyelid hemorrhage,the skull had mild hyperemia,thymic atrophy,The liver color yellow,there exists a small focal necrosis.Bile is filling,the heart muscle relaxation.Lining has a strip out of contact.Long course of disease and ducks gastrointestinal emptiness, a layer of yellow appears in the intestinal mucosa membrane, intestinal lymph follicles swelling, some mild bleeding, rectal mucosa some present strip bleeding, cloaca contains a small amount of mucus; Some disease duck still exist the phenomenon of femoral head necrosis.

Through clinical and autopsy, it is easy to diagnose duck tongue disease, through the analysis of laboratory, yellow virus, mold, raising the comprehensive factors such as stress is the main cause of the disease occurred

prevention measures:Strengthen management, adjust the feed nutrition level, add Gary speed filling, compensatory nutrition; And to strengthen the mold and the mold toxin to kill and cleaning, and regular use of pioneer mold or mildew remover;

Using the centralizer detoxification, and used to improve the body's immune function, enhance disease resistance.

Treatment: the pericardium, + cod liver oil, centralizer detoxification, amuse (5-6 days)

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