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Shandong Qufu High-end Learning Summit
2016-1-19 15:11:02

Beijing Summit has just passed, the persons who participated this study spoke high of this summit. At the invitation of more customer, we started the shandong Qufu High-end Learning Summit. “ When studies custom it, not also said? we are glad to meet friends come from all over the world?”We began the study trip of Qufu in front of Confucius. Leader Group inherits  “development idea of culture winning”, build the high-performance team in the continuous learning. At the same time, we also accept all talented persons to improve our R & D ability, deal with the different needs of development in the new situation.


     Leader persons reflect the deeper meaning and value of life using their action with a thankful heart, selfless heart, carry forward heart. We aim to support the sustainable development of the customers, provide learing ways to help customers to go far in each year.


    We met in Qufu Internital hotel in the depth of winter, took part in Leader Group High-end learning Summit. The mentors from Tsinghua and Peking University will be invited and will give us an “situational experiencing management training course”. Courses include: operation and managementfamily managementmarriage managementchildren managementrisk managementfund management the way of heavenpractice and the knowledge of mind business and so on.


We are here for our common ideal, and we come here for our common aim. Let’s hand in hand, create brilliancy together!




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