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Ankara disease, I have to say a few secrets
2016-1-21 14:37:23

Ankara is subgroup of adenovirus infection diseaseAlso known as pericardial effusion syndromeThe etiology in Karachi, Pakistan in March 1987 in nearby a RouJiChang Ankara area named fulminant epidemic。Ⅰ subgroup adenovirus as the primary pathogenic role is unclearSo the factors related to their pathogenicity is not clear.

From the popular science has many mysterious places

1.Vertical has a very important status in the spread of infection.Virus can spread through the embryo, with infection of embryos and offspring chicks make cell cultures, can activate the activity of the body adenovirus.It suggests that we have two cases need high attention.

1.1 Attention we use vaccines: we use vaccines, especially live miao, without using SPF eggs to make, once infected with adenovirus vaccine, after using the vaccine immunization, can put the chicken body potential, originally not of adenovirus activation adenovirus disease.Behind the adenovirus is so high, How many irresponsible vaccine companies helpedThe widespread dissemination of Pakistan for the first time, the disease is likely to be associated with the contaminated vaccine.So laying hens breeding farmers use sincerely to buy using SPF egg production of high-quality vaccine is very important,also give us the vaccine manufacturers work together to control the disease, the pressure on the heavy burden of moral.

  1.2The particular stage of vertical infection make disease prevention and control difficult:Adenovirus disease detoxification has two key stage.One is 14 weeks ago, one is the peak of egg production.Especially a large number of poison in the period of peak(The purpose of the virus is pass the pathogen on breeding),Makes a lot of eggs with poison.This explains to purify the bad place chicken NDV can be isolated from the dead and not chicken, brown shell layers 817 why is the direct cause of the high incidence of hybrid.Starting from the elite of adenovirus undoubtedly purification is an important part of the control of the disease is popular.

 2.The level of widespread,and the important position:The virus can exist in waste, trachea, nasal mucosa, and kidney.Therefore, viruses can be transmitted via a variety of waste, but the highest feces.The virus also exist in semen. This means that there are at least two points should be also cause everyone's attention:

 2.1Chicken adenoviruses are widespread:Adenovirus is common in aquaculture environment means that the horizontal transmission is also a big problem,it is very difficult to keep goods from infection layers , it is very difficult to go through the biological safety prevention and control of the disease (common infections and scattered poison).

 2.2There is a potential danger in artificial insemination:Because the virus exists in semen, we when artificial insemination could artificially transmit the disease.It can further explain why in recent years to purify the bad NDV can be isolated from the dead stock of goods generation of laying hens and brown shell hybrid 817 meat miscellaneous heart package effusion syndrome high-risk another reason.

Incentive is an important factor of the disease is popular

  1The disease popular need the assistance of other immune inhibitory blightThe disease may be a potential pathogen, its pathogenic role needs certain synergy factorSo when together with infectious bursal virus infection, can enhance some of adenovirus infection,this is what we call in the prevention and control of subgroup adenovirus inclusion body hepatitis, to do well the meaning of the bursa of fabricius prevention and control.In addition, some adenoviruses cause infectious anemia virus can greatly enhance the ability of hepatitis and death; Aflatoxin in feed toxicity has prompted the happening of the diseaseGood inhibitory immune disease prevention and control of, reduce the harm of feed mycotoxins, on the prevention and control adenovirus is absolutely indispensable, otherwise do is all useless.

2.Injection of immune plays an important role in the disease spreadVaccination approaches has important influence on the occurrence of the diseaseWhen the natural infection or administered direct transmission of the virus, a lot of isolate has failed to cause disease, but when the strain infection in non parenteral injection can appear very strong pathogenicity.This virus is a potential pathogen in the illustration need other factors together to pathogenesis, also suggests the risk of the spread of artificial immune injection and reactivation.

3.Poor management is the important reason of the diseaseWhether the disease is the primary pathogen is controversial, but as a conditional pathogenic agents are no objection.Temperature control, ventilation, and stress are likely to become incentives to make the disease occurred.

Seemingly unrelated disease actually is the adenovirus

1.Chicken gizzard erosion disease is subgroup adenovirus disease,Over the past six years, there are many poultry outbreaks of pathogen is subsets of muscular stomach erosion adenovirus.Reports from Japan, the natural onset except death in young chickens without any clinical symptoms, muscular stomach expansion, with hemorrhagic fluid, debaucjed of cuticle appear many black spots.

2.Gland gastritis is also its credit:The United States recently reported a chicken gizzard erosion caused by adenovirus disease similar cases, but the lesions only confined to the gland gastritis, reported that the disease would spread the disease known as the author of gonad gastritis

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