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The second term of Marketing training camp
2017-6-21 15:15:53


The spring rain comes silently outside of the window,its the rain that wake everything up.such as a blade of grass which have sleeping for the whole winter,it speared out of the earth to response the call of the spring rain,tender,green and lovely, in the field, under the tree, on campus, everywhere .she also woke up the wheat seedlings,it opened its eyes under the noisy rain,it taste the spring rain with thirsty mouth just like people taste the fruit juice.and take off the old clothes, put on a green new clothes happily.played an amazing dance with the beautiful song of the rain.she woke up the flowers:peach blossom,apricot blossom,pear blossom.they in a mad rush to be the first like sunset glow, red like fire, white like snow,really fantastic.As a saying goes,”Spring rain is as precious as oil”.

With the precious spring rain,we carried out The second term of Marketing training camp,we invited teacher Haiyin Bai,and teacher Xiaoyong Yang of Yuanhe Consulting Company who teach us on how to do the business platform and help us as the business our clerks to break through the bottleneck in the confusion, build self-confidence,to do better services for farmers ,they also explain how the probiotics products <Changyishu> bring huge profits to the majority of farmers And how to identify the authenticity of variety probiotics on the market.


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