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12years we stand together through storm and stress
2017-6-21 16:10:05

We are gathered together to review the past 12 years, we have experienced the hardships and fierce competition, witnessed the ups and downs of the veterinary drug industry, our company always adhere to the business philosophy"faithful cnleader, only make good medicine, Adhere to the fine quality line, uphold the "sincere, trustworthy, responsible, pay enterprise" the Enterprise purpose ,constantly transcend self in the change of market competition, the cnleader brand has become the industry's strong brands. Here, I'm very glad to share some achievements with you:

12 years ago of this day,We are still a small company with only two bungalows and 3 people,but now We have developed into a company with more than 200 people ,In June 2012, we establishment the Dejiu farming handan raising company,and in June 2013 establishment Dejiu farming baoding raising company,Annual stocking reached 10 million broilers,In 2015, we invested about 10million RMB in the construction of micro ecological workshops,  office buildings, warehouses and so on.In July 2016, the company successfully passed the acceptance of Mixed feed additive,additive premix,Liquid additive premix feed,Liquid microbiological preparation four production lines,In addition, according to the demand of the market we set series branch office of zhongmei.We have successfully established long-term strategic cooperative partnership with dozens of large farming groups in China.

During the 12years,We record this gratifying performance,These achievements have condensed the painstaking effort and sweat of all our cnleader staff.For us,The greatest wealth we have accumulated is not our leading position in the veterinary medicine industry,But we have a team that can meet the difficulties and challenges, keep forging ahead and growing up,And the trust and support of our partners.

All of this comes from the joint efforts of all the staff,Thank you  for all our customers and breeding farm friends from the bottom of my heart,It is your effort, hard work, positive enterprising that the company can have today's achievement!

The past 12 years are unforgettable and wonderful,The next 12 years will usher in more Wonderful things and challanges,and cnleader will spare no effert to make us a super group.To achieve this goal,All Leader staff ,cheer up!keep up!
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