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The comparative test results after using probiotic
2017-7-27 11:39:08

The comparative test results after using the cnleader probiotic named Chang Yishu

 Changyishu has been favored by the majority of farmers Since we opened the market For your reference,The following is a comparative test of cnleader  in a sow breeding base .

Test place:one of Hebei animal husbandry science and technology limited company

Test subjectBreeding area batch 0227sow

Test materialencyesis feed VS encyesis feedadd Chang Yishu

Test assistant:Chen fan

supervisesWang huifang

Test date2017.6--2017.7

1.experimental objective

The experiment was designed to study the effect in Born alive,lactate at Lactation period,weight gain of Weaned Piglets etc and so on after add the Chang Yishu of Shijiazhuang leader animal pharmaceutical company.

2.Test material

The compound probiotic used in the test is the Chang Yishu made by Shijiazhuang leader animal pharmaceutical co.,ltd,main content:viable yeast,Dead yeast,yeast cell wall,Bacillus subtilis,Bacillus licheniformis,Enterococcus faecalis and Mildew free preparation,the Mildew free preparation in Chang Yishu is effective in adsorb Curved Flavomycin,Vomiting toxomycin ,zearalenone and T-2toxin .

3.Test procedure

(1)Randomly selected 141 multiparous sowsBreeding time is similar),Use completely randomized designDivided into two processing groupsthey are group A with 500g Chang yishu add in feed millAgroup B with nothing adddeal with 70 replicates per group,one sow per replicate.

(2)Test periodPrenatal 28 days to sow farrowing,

(3)Test startFeed the sow with the encyesis feed added Chang Yishu in group A(Daily 3kg/ head),Feed the sow with the encyesis feed without additives in group B(Daily 3kg/ head)

(4)The determination index of the testsee attachment



Deal with




number of replications


Chang Yishu500g/ton


Feed production addition

   B                      N/A                          N/A                               69

4.Test result



 2workshoptest group  3workshopcontrast group  




 72  69  

Total farrowing

 998  955  

Average farrowing/litter

 13.86  13.84  

Born alive

 918  855  

Born alive/litter

 12.75  12.39  



Birth litter weight

 1475.1  1162.8  
         Birth weightkg  1.46  1.36  



dead fetus

 57  81  

Stillbirth ratio

 5.7%  8.5%  



Mummy fetus

 23  19  



(1)Chang Yishu can obviously reduce the stillbirth rateImprove the number born alive

(2)The additive can improve the birth weight of piglets

(3)Chang Yishu have a Great improvement on sow constipation


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